About Us

Bongaon.in's vision is to create India's most reliable and frictionless localized commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for buyers and sellers.

10,000 Products



In December 2016, Jayanta Karmakar along with Joydeep Roy, started Bongaon.in - a local digital marketplace, with the widest range of 20,000 plus products across 200 plus diverse categories from over 1,000 regional, national, and international brands and retailers. This venture is alongside partnered and highly supported by Avishek Dey.

With hundreds of thousands of users and more than 2000 sellers, Bongaon.in is the shopping destination for Internet users in and around Bongaon.


Our Journey


December 2016

Bongaon.in launched to bridge the gap between local vendors and thousands of people in & around the town.


November 2016

We got the fantastic website and mobile app ready for alpha users


October 2016

We started to talk with local vendors to walk through the idea. They just loved it.


August 2016

We started to build the platform. We wanted to make sure its the most easiest way to shop.


July 2016

In a hot summer, Jayanta and Joydeep met in a coffeshop near to their Kolkata office. Since they both were born and raised in the small town Bongaon, geographical distance could not stop them to think of betterment of Bongaon lifestyle. They thought of building a platform which can make the life easier for the people of Bongaon.


January 2007

Jayanta bought the domain Bongaon.in. He had a long term plan to do something for Bongaon. From 2007 he is maintaining the domain Bongaon.in. With time and tide, ideas evoluted but the wish to create a great platform for Bongaon never died. Ultimately its the motherland.

And the journey continues...